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NEW GW6400 Networking SBC with 5x GbE & 4x Mini-PCIe

May 9, 2018

Gateworks is proud to announce the release of the Newport GW6400 single board computer, featuring the Cavium Octeon TX® Dual/Quad Core ARM processor running up to 1.5GHz. The GW6400 is the latest Newport family member with an extensive list of features, including five Gigabit Ethernet ports and two SFP fiber ports. GW6400 Highlights: Cavium OcteonTX...

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Long Range Sub-1 Ghz IoT Mini-PCIe Radio for Industrial Applications

March 1, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly being adopted by nearly every industry in the world to allow control and monitoring of almost anything! Gateworks created an IoT Radio for rugged and industrial applications. This Mini-PCIe radio card provides low-power and long-range radio communications.   Gateworks GW16122 Mini-PCIe IoT Radio: Enables Gateworks SBCs as...

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Gateworks Announces Release of Newport Family of SBC’s

November 9, 2017

Gateworks is proud to announce the release of the Newport family of single board computers, featuring the Cavium Octeon TX® ARM processor. This product line is the first to utilize the Octeon TX and represents the next generation of networking performance for embedded processor boards. Gateworks Newport Family Highlights: Cavium OcteonTX ARMv8...

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Software Release – Yocto 2.3 BSP

June 8, 2017

Gateworks would like to announcethe release & support of Yocto 2.3 on the Ventana Family of Single Board Computers that feature the NXPi.MX6 processor. Yocto 2.3is under the code name Pyro. Yocto is a Linux operating system that Gateworks uses for video input and output, networking, GUI, IoT and more....

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Mini-PCIe Power Expansion Module

February 3, 2017

Peripherals connected to Single Board Computers (SBCs) require separatepower, sometimes in large amounts not typically available on the SBC. Additionally, some high power wireless radios require an additional power source, such as 5V for the RF power amplifier. Gateworks designed the GW16120 Mini-PCIePower and USB Expansion Card to meet these...

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Intelligent Wireless Access Points

February 3, 2017

Wireless access is everywhere and has become an essential convenience that customers expect businesses to provide.Wireless connections can become unreliable and suffer in high density use areas like trains, buses, cafes and stadiums. Users can face slow bandwidth, dropped connections and interruption when streaming video. To improve wireless reliability, quality,...

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Drones & UAVs – Wireless HD Video Streaming

October 10, 2016

Nearly 7 million drones will be shipped by 2020 according to FAA estimates. UAVs require communication to a ground station over a wireless link providing information such as HD video and telemetry data. Gateworks has Single Board Computers that are Drone & UAV Ready such as the Ventana GW5510 shown...

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NEW Embedded SBC With HDMI – Wireless – MicroSD for Digital Signage

July 21, 2016

Gateworks is proud to announce the newest member to the Ventana Family of Single Board Computers, the GW5530. The GW5530 has an extremely low profile and small form factor ideal for applications inDigital Signage and Wireless Multimedia. Features include: NXP i.MX6 Processor HDMI HD Video Output New UBlox GPS (Optional)...

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Android Lollipop Embedded Software Release

June 7, 2016

Gateworks has just released Android Lollipop support for the Ventana family of Single Board Computers! Notable updates include: Update to the Android Open Source Projects 5.1.1 code base Freescale i.MX6 performance and stability improvements New3.14 based Linux kernel with many improvements Vivante graphics libraries v5.0.11 p7 Gateworks recommends Lollipopfor all...

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Customizing Android & Yocto Splash Screens

May 19, 2016

Customizing Android & Yocto Splash Screens Have you ever wanted to replace that ugly default logo or animation that is shown when your system boots up? Now you can with custom splash screens! What is a Splash Screen? The logo or image displayed on screen during the boot process of...

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