GW16151 Mini-PCIe to WiFi M.2 Adapter

The GW16151 Mini-PCIe to M.2 Adapter is designed for WiFi Radios. For M.2 Modems, please see the GW16140/GW16141/GW16147. For NVME drives, see GW16148.

 Key Product Features
Function: Converts Mini-PCIe slot to M.2 E-Key Slot for WiFi Radios
M.2 Key: E-Key (also accepts A+E Key radios)
SIM Slots: None
M.2 Card Length: 52, 50, 42 & 30mm
For Use On: Gateworks Industrial SBCs
Standard models are available in any quantity.
Discounts offered on orders of 25/100/1k and higher.
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  • Mini-PCIe to M.2 WiFi Adapter
  • M.2 Key:
    • M.2 E-Key Support
  • Supports M.2 cards up to 52mm in length
  •  GW16151 Supports PCIe for WiFi Radios
    • E-Key M.2 Socket
    • Will accept E-Key & A+E Key Radios
    • Note: Uses 1x PCIe lane & 1x USB 2.0
  • Example M.2 radios: Laird Sterling LWB5+ and Silex WiFi 6E SX-PCEAX
  • Supports NGFF Sizes
    • 2242
    • 3030
    • 3042
    • 3050
    • 3052
    • 1630 (Special Order)
    • 2230 (Special Order)
  • Minimal signaling to avoid pin conflicts
  • Customized variations also available to support other M.2 peripherals
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature
  • Made in USA
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The GW16151 is a Mini-PCIe to M.2 Adapter designed to allow support of M.2 WiFi Radios on Gateworks single board computers. The GW16151 adapter allow M.2 E-Key & A+E Key radios to be plugged into a Mini-PCIe slot on a Gateworks Single Board Computer. This adapter allows radios to use a single lane of PCIe and one USB 2.0 channel. Many adapters typically have pin signal conflicts with standard specifications, so these adapters only pass through the minimum required signalling to avoid these conflicts.

*Disclaimer: This card has only been tested on Gateworks Single Board Computers. Gateworks only provides support when used on a Gateworks SBC.*

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