Export Compliance

The information below applies to all printed circuit board assemblies manufactured by Gateworks Corporation. Specificaly, this information applies to all standard product models (listed below) as well as customer special configurations of a standard product model (for example, GWxxxx-SPxxx).

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN): 5A992 NLR (no license required)

HTS Code (US Schedule B) 10-digit: 8517.70.0000 = Parts, 6 digit: 8517.70 = Parts

Country of Origin: USA

Newport Product Family
GW6100, GW6104, GW6200, GW6204, GW6300, GW6304, GW6400, GW6404

Ventana Product Family
GW5100, GW5101, GW5102, GW5103, GW5104, GW5510, GW5514, GW5530, GW5200, GW5201, GW5202, GW5203, GW5204, GW5220, GW5224, GW5520, GW5524, GW5300,GW5301, GW5302, GW5303, GW5304, GW5310, GW5311, GW5312, GW5313, GW5400, GW5401, GW5402, GW5403, GW5404, GW5410, GW5411, GW5412, GW5413, GW5910

Laguna Product Family
GW2380, GW2382, GW2383, GW2387, GW2388, GW2391

Mini-PCIe Expansion Cards
GW16103, GW16104, GW16111, GW16112, GW16113, GW16114, GW16116, GW16120, GW16122, GW16126, GW16130

SBC Expansion Modules
GW16042, GW16081, GW16082, GW16083, GW16099

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