High Performance ARM-Based Rugged Single Board Computers (SBCs) for Embedded Network & Video Applications

Newport SBC Family

High Performance Networking

Mini-PCIe Cards

Satellite, Cellular, BLE, DIO & More

What's New

LTE CAT M1/BLE Cellular Modem

Connect to the IoT cloud using a low-bandwidth cellular modem by adding the GW16126 Mini-PCIe card to your SBC.

Streaming Video

Watch how QT5 with Yocto can render a video stream onto a 3D object; the power of hardware acceleration and OpenGL!

SBC's for UAV & Drones

See how Gateworks SBCs are being used in the demanding environment of commercial and military UAV operations.

See how our SBCs are being used.

From drones to airliners, utility meters to pipeline monitors, huge mining vehicles to small robots and IoT gateways; our single board computers are used in many different industrial applications that require a rugged and reliable computing platform that is Made in the USA.