GW16146 802.11ah HaLow WiFi Mini-PCIe Radio

The GW16146 is a 802.11ah HaLow Mini-PCIe card designed to provide long range wireless to IoT applications utilizing rugged & industrial Gateworks single board computers.

 Key Product Features
Function: 802.11ah HaLow Wireless
Frequency: 902.0 ~ 928.0 MHz
Data Rate: Up to 4 Mbps
Power: +23dBm Transmit Power
Interface: USB
Form Factor: Mini-PCIe
Software: GW16146 Software Wiki
Showcase: 802.11ah Showcase
For Use With: Gateworks Industrial SBCs
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  • Silex SX-NEWAH 802.11ah Module
    • Based on Newracom NRC7292 System-on-Chip
    • IEEE 802.11ah WiFi HaLow
    • Simultaneous GATT Server & Client
    • FOTA Support
    • Up to 4Mbps data rate
    • Supports 1/2/4 MHz bandwidth
    • Access point and station mode
    • Security: OPEN, WPA2-PSK(AES), WPA3-OWE, WPA3-SAE
    • 902.0 ~ 928.0 MHz Frequency
    • +23dBm Transmit Power
    • MHF-1 / u.FL Antenna port
    • Uses standard Linux IP framework
    • FCC Certified
  • FTDI FT232H USB to SPI 
  • Mini-PCIe Form Factor with USB 2.0 High Speed Signaling
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature
  • Made in USA
  • 1 Year Warranty
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The GW16146 is a low power, long range, 900MHz 802.11ah full size Mini-PCIe WiFi radio designed to provide Wi-Fi HaLow wireless communication utilizing Gateworks Single Board Computers. The 802.11ah radio is targeted towards Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The GW16146 features a Silex SX-NEWAH 802.11ah module that is powered by the NRC7292 System-on-Chip from Newracom. The radio operates in the 900MHz license-exempt band which allows it to penetrate buildings, walls and foliage much better than standard 2.4G/5G WiFi radios. Additionally, 802.11ah provides much greater range (1km+) and higher bandwidth (up to 4Mbps) over other Sub 1GHz protocols like LoRa and Sigfox. Other advantages include a higher client count (1000+) and lower power. Standard WiFi IP connectivity software, including Linux tools, commands and interfaces are also supported allowing for quick application integration. An onboard FTDI SPI to USB bridge allows a Gateworks Single Board Computer to communicate to the module using USB 2.0 signaling which is supported on many Mini-PCIe connector interfaces. A MHF-1/u.FL antenna connector allows for a variety of external antenna choices. Antenna and cables sold separately. Suggested antenna is the GW10124. Visit the GW16146 Software Wiki for software information.

*Disclaimer: This card has only been tested on Gateworks Single Board Computers. Gateworks only provides support when used on a Gateworks SBC.

*GW16146 is designed for USA / North America use at 915MHz. For European usage at 868MHz, please contact Gateworks Sales


Knowledge Base / Wiki

View the wiki for in-depth Linux software support, downloads and tutorials

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