The following white papers discuss pertinent topics and sample applications for Gateworks Single Board Computers. A Single Board Computer is “a motherboard designed specifically for embedded wireless and wired network system designs" and can be used in IoT (Internet of Things) applications. Check back frequently for new additions.

M2M: Low Power Remote Sensing of Anything, Anywhere!

Collect data, video, and audio anywhere with a powerful, low-power miniature Single Board Computer (SBC).

This white paper discusses the use of a miniature, powerful, low-power single board computer (SBC) with multiple networking interfaces to collect data from a variety of sensors (such as temperature and voltage) and video images from a camera. Specific topics discussed include power management, network connectivity, and sensor interfacing. An example application is provided using batteries for power and a camera to take periodic snapshots which are uploaded using the FTP protocol to a website for monitoring.

The Future is Here…… M2M & IoT, the Machines are Taking Over!

Design tips and considerations for getting M2M & IoT products to market on time while meeting system target costs

Synopsis: This 10 page whitepaper discusses the surprisingly complex hardware and software design considerations that engineers must take into account when designing M2M & Internet of Things (IoT) products. Specific topics include; environment (indoor, outdoor, cold, heat, rain, snow, wind), mechanical form factor (size, weight, enclosure), power source (AC, DC, solar, battery), network communications (cellular, Wi-Fi, 802.11abgn, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Ethernet), interface to sensors (RS232,RS422/RS485, Digital I/O, 1-wire Interface, USB, ZigBee, Bluetooth), and embedded computer board requirements (CPU type, processor speed, operating system, data storage). This paper also covers how to get to market on time while still meeting system target cost. An example reference application for measuring/sensing power and temperature and transmitting the data to a remote server is shown using off-the-shelf hardware.

Embedded Digital Signage Applications

Gateworks’ Ventana Single Board Computers For the Next Generation of Digital Signage Applications

Demand for Digital Signage is exploding.The latest market research shows the Digital Signage market at over $13 billion in sales by 2016. Digital Signage is working its way into a wide variety of applications in the consumer, industrial, medical services and transportation markets. This whitepaper discusses the hardware requirements needed to serve these new markets and how the Gateworks Ventana Family of SBC’s can provide designers with an off-the-shelf solution.

Wireless Embedded System Design

Analysis of the design process for the Embedded Processor Board to improve time to market, reduce design cost, lower design risk, reduce embedded processor board cost, reduce system cost, and improve system reliability

Synopsis: This white paper discusses the design challenges that are driving OEM’s of Embedded Systems from designing and manufacturing their own products to buying off-the-shelf Network Processor Boards. As the demands on wireless embedded applications become greater and more diverse the complexity of the hardware and software has increased exponentially. By purchasing an off-the-shelf board the OEM can save years in development time and several hundred thousands of dollars in development costs.

Using Smartphones and Tablets in Embedded Applications

Design tips and issues with transferring video and other high bandwidth data to a smartphone or tablet

This white paper discusses the issues with transferring video and other high bandwidth data to a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or other tablet device in embedded applications. An example application using a specialty USB camera and an embedded wireless network processor board is shown.