Single Board Computer Applications

Gateworks single board computers are used in a wide variety of rugged, industrial and military markets. The wide temperature range and long life availability make the SBCs ideal for solutions that demand reliability. Companies who need an ARM computer can quickly prototype and convert to a finished product in a very short amount of time. The power of a universal single board computer is that it can be integrated into nearly any application, including the more common Internet of Things, mobile, industrial, communication and military segments.

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Energy & Smart Grid

Monitor & Connect the grid to the cloud with a Flexible Cellular Gateway

Oil / Gas / Mining

Flexible Gateways, Wireless Networking, Graphical Interfaces


Access Points, Fleet Management, CAN Bus

Factory & Industrial Automation

Flexible platforms to automate a factory through sensors and gateways

Gateworks Embedded Products

Looking for a powerful ARM-based computer board that can withstand harsh environments? We offer single board computers, mini-PCI express expansion cards, and enclosures designed for rugged, industrial applications.

Networking • Video • IoT