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V2X (Vehicle to Everything) is a new technology that leverages industrial single board computers to modernize transportation systems. V2X includes communication between vehicles (V2V), Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I), Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) and Vehicle to Networks (V2N). With autonomous driving becoming a reality, the applications for this technology are endless. Using a Gateworks Industrial Single Board Computer, a V2X solution can be built to fit the exact needs of each individual project. The following are a sample of the many benefits V2X can provide.

V2X – Improved Safety

One of the major applications for V2X will be to enhance traffic safety. It is estimated that over 1 million people die globally every year from traffic accidents with an additional 20 to 50 million people injured. V2X technology can reduce this significantly by allowing vehicles to communicate with each and send critical sensor data to each other which can then be used to determine if an impending collision or safety concern is about to occur. Vehicles can then provide warnings to the driver and occupants or even, in a fully autonomous mode, take control of the steering and braking systems. These safety improvements can additionally be expanded to even provide alerts to pedestrians (over smart phone). Single Board Computers will multiple peripheral interfaces such as I2C, DIO, RS232 and SPI can be used to attach difference sensors to collect safety data.

V2X – Optimized Traffic Flow

Communication between vehicles and the infrastructure allows for efficient autonomous driving. Vehicles can adjust speed, lanes and optimize routes to maximize traffic flow. Traffic lights can be controlled and staged to optimize traffic flow and reduce stops. This will lead to greatly reduced emissions, increased fuel economy and less wear to vehicles (minimized stops and starts). Gateworks Industrial Single Board Computers feature onboard GPS sensors to collect location and speed data. An accelerometer even can detect hard braking. For more precision tracking, Gateworks offers the GW16143 High Precision GPS Mini-PCIe Card. This card can provide centimeter level accuracy using GNSS positioning.

V2X – Optimized Parking

Vehicles can communicate with parking structures and determine availability of locations in real time. Autonomous vehicles could drop off occupants at their direct locations and then go park autonomously. In large cities, it is estimated that 30% of the traffic is generated by drivers searching for parking. V2X can also allow for denser parking with minimal spacing between vehicles. An industrial single board computer with proximity sensors can allow cars to park tightly without touching each other. When trying to identify where the car has been parked, a GPS sensor on the single board computer can send location data to the cloud via a cellular or satellite connection for retrieval.

V2X Radios and Industrial Single Board Computers

V2X applications typically require a Gateworks industrial single board computer to act as the brain of the system. The SBC runs software, typically a Linux variant like Ubuntu, to collect sensor data, analyze it, store it and even send it to the cloud. The open source Linux operating system allows 100% freedom to design applications for any industry.

Sensors are required for monitoring the various vehicle systems which have a variety of interfaces such as CAN, I2C, A/D, DIO, RS232, RS485 and USB which the Gateworks SBCs also provides. Additional features like GPS and accelerometer/magnetometers are also available on many of the Gateworks industrial single board computers to provide location, direction and acceleration data. For more precise location tracking and speed data, Gateworks has recently released the GW16143 high precision GNSS/GPS Mini-PCIe Adapter based upon the u-blox ZED-F9P module that can be utilized for in vehicle applications that require very precise location. This module can provide sub <2cm accuracy using Real Time Kinematics (RTK) data. The accuracy of this solution is ideal for autonomous operation where position accuracy is critical.

This SBC often uses multiple wireless radios. The Gateworks SBCs are uniquely qualified because they allow multiple radios to be supported on a single SBC through the use of multiple Mini-PCIe slots. Mini-PCIe slots allow for many types of radios, including cellular LTE, Wireless (802.11ac), Iridium satellite, sub-1GHz and most importantly for V2X, 802.11p.

For connection to the cloud or internet, a LTE cellular modem or satellite radio can be used. For 5G cellular modem support, Gateworks has developed a Mini-PCIe to M.2 adapter which can support both 50 and 52mm M.2 cards lengths which are typically used for these cellular modems. The GW16140/GW16141 Mini-PCIe to M.2 adapter supports both USB 2.0 and 3.0 as well as PCIe with a custom variation. Gateworks offers an article on how to select a cellular modem.

For infrastructure Gateway applications, a dedicated low latency radio is typically required for the to vehicle communications (802.11p radio). For 802.11p radio support, Gateworks has teamed with Unex Technology Corporation, a leading V2X radio supplier, to support their SOM-301 series of Mini-PCIe V2X radios. The Unex SOM-301 radio is available with either a ITS-G5 (Europe) or DSRC (US) software stack to allow for quick integration and implementation. This V2Xcast software which runs on the SOM-301 support IEEE1609.3, 1609.4, ETSI, BTP & GN, IEEE & ETSI Security, SCMS & CCMS Protocols and POTI. To even further accelerate the customers time-to-market, Unex additionally provides a V2Xcast SDK which runs on the Gateworks SBC to provides a ready to use J2735/ITS-MSG facility layer.

Suggested V2X Hardware

  • Suggested V2X Gateway Hardware
    • Gateworks Venice GW7300 Industrial Single Board Computer (*See Note 1 below) – Link
    • Unex SOM-301 Mini-PCIe Radio – Link
    • Telit Modem – Link
  • Suggested V2X On-Vehicle Hardware
    • Gateworks Venice GW7300 Industrial Single Board Computer (*See Note 1 below) – Link
    • Unex SOM-301 Mini-PCIe Radio – Link
    • Telit Modem – Link
    • GW16143 High Precision GNSS/GPS Mini-PCIe Adapter – Link

*Note 1: Unex SOM-301 requires a processor that can handle 32-bit libraries. The Unex radio is supported only on the Gateworks Venice SBCs (Newport not supported). The radio requires 5V signals and UART for development, thus a special routing and resistor load is required at the time of order. In addition, the SOM-301 is wider than a standard Mini-PCIe card and thus does not allow another Mini-PCIe card to be inserted in a neighboring slot. Contact sales @ for more information and view the V2X Wiki Page.

For more information on Unex V2X solutions visit their website or contact the Gateworks sales team to discuss your project at sales @

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