Case Studies

The following case studies showcase customer challenges and solutions utilizing the Gateworks industrial single board computers. Each customer went through a decision making process in which Gateworks was selected and then a solution was created. The end results are a testament to the ruggedness of the Gateworks industrial single board computers. Check back frequently for new additions.

High Precision Augmented GNSS GPS Mobile Integrated Receiver

A company focused on global positioning in the industrial and maritime sector came to Gateworks looking for a rugged and industrial single board computer with global connectivity. Large tankers and ships travel all over the globe, often carrying millions of dollars worth of cargo. Tracking and security is of the utmost importance. Utilizing a highly accurate GNSS receiver down to 5cm provides precise positioning. These coordinates are then adjusted using GNSS PPP augmentation data pulled down from an Iridium communication satellite connection. Once the location is precisely computed, the final position can be either stored, output locally to other onboard systems, or sent back to the cloud. This is all processed on a Gateworks Newport GW6300 SBC in a rugged IP67 rated enclosure.


Rugged Wireless Client for Maritime Shipping

This maritime shipping automation company required a flexible and industrial single board computer to create their own wireless client for their customers. Roving vehicles and pieces of equipment populate the shipping terminals in frigid and hot locations throughout the world. These all need an internet or network connection to process data back and forth from the central server and cloud. A Gateworks GW5913 SBC and 802.11AC radio was chosen to be placed inside a custom magnetic rugged enclosure with several low profile antennas placed on top. The flexible Linux software allowed them to customize and add features to create a robust software and hardware platform.