Flexible IoT Gateways

IoT Your Way with a Custom Gateway! Gateworks Corporation is a leading supplier of industrial grade ARM based SBCs that can be used to implement high performance IoT Gateway solutions. Many IoT applications require rugged, industrial temperature rated hardware which is where Gateworks SBCs excel. Gateworks SBC’s feature Mini-PCIe expansion slots which allow support of …

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Vehicle V2X

V2X, or Vehicle to Vehicle(V2V) or Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I). Gateworks SBCs can be used typically on the infrastructure side to talk to vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, trains and boats. Gateworks is working closely with several wireless radio manufacturers which take advantage of the multiple Mini-PCIe slots on the SBC.

Sensor Streaming

Provide a USB interface to Wi-Fi Bridge for video devices and other sensors to allow direct streaming to tablets and smart phones.

Smart Grid

Provide wireless data communications for Smart GRID sensors. Monitoring capacitor banks and transformers to allow service before catastrophic failures occur.

Drone / UAV

Gateworks has Single Board Computers that are ideal for commercial and military drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and robotic applications. Made in the USA, these rugged boards are built to withstand -40 to +85C temperature ranges.  Key Features for Drone and UAV / ROV Applications: HDMI Input (up to 1080p at …

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Bluetooth BLE Gateway

Bluetooth Beacons are being installed in many public locations to allow interaction between the location and a mobile device. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) the beacon is able to communicate with devices such as an iPhone or Android phone. Gateworks has Single Board Computers, or SBCs, that can act as a Bluetooth Gateway or Hub. …

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is the wave of the future with its flexible, adaptable, and rich advertising. Half of the system comprises of the ‘brain’ or the SBC (Single Board Computer) that outputs the video onto an HDMI or other high definition display. The Ventana Family of Single Board Computers paired with a media software creates the …

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Wireless Mesh Networking

Small rugged battery powered wireless bridge nodes that create a bridge between wireless segments allowing extension of the operating range in harsh and severe environments. Mesh software is used to eliminate user configuration and units are typically tossed out of vehicles during reconnaissance missions.

Industrial Automation

Wireless communications using SBCs between factory floor equipment to allow real time monitoring of processes. Rugged wireless access points and clients enclosed in NEMA rated enclosures typically used to allow operation in harsh factory conditions. Gateworks Single Board Computers have the flexibility to provide both Ethernet and Wireless networking. Using a single board computer that …

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Mobile Computing

Gateworks rugged Single Board Computers (SBC) are matched for a tough automotive and marine environments. An integrated GPS allows for navigation, tracking, and statistics. A CAN Bus port allows for important vehicle monitoring and diagnostics. A rich graphical user interface via the Android operating system provides a rich multimedia experience. Whether it is a boat, …

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