IoT Gateway

The Gateworks SBC is perfect as an IoT Gateway, or Internet of Things Gateway. The IoT market is expanding rapidly. Thousands of nodes are being deployed and need to be routed through a main hub. The Gateworks SBC is the ideal IoT Gateway or IoT Hub. It has Ethernet, wireless and cellular capabilities as well as GPIO, CAN Bus, and more. Dual Ethernet models are also available. An Open Source Linux OS allows complete control of all the data before it is pushed to the cloud. Having an IoT Gateway that is rugged and industrial temperature rated is crucial for many IoT applications. The Internet of Things uses Gateworks Embedded SBCs to collect sensor data and communicate it to the cloud where users can access it.

Recommended SBCs:

Ventana GW5510
Ventana GW5300
Newport GW6100
Newport GW6200