Bluetooth Low Energy Communication using GATT

Bluetooth Candle

Gateworks created a fun demonstration using Bluetooth Low Engery (BLE) to control a LED Candle. BLE is the latest communication standard in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) markets. Sensors that report small amounts of data periodically can last for several years using BLE. The Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) is one of the most common profiles used over BLE. Gateworks setup a demo that changes colors and brightness of the LED candle using a Gateworks SBC and Mini-PCIe BLE radio.

BLE Communication Highlights:
Gateworks SBC running Linux with a GW16126 BLE & Modem Radio Card
Using Android to sniff BLE packets to reverse engineer GATT packets
Control LED Candle from command line using the service and characteristic of device
Sending BLE data to the cloud

For a detailed look at BLE communication from Gateworks SBCs:

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