Flexible Connectivity: 5G Modems, WiFi6, GPS, Iridium Satellite, HaLow WiFi Cards for Industrial SBCs


Gateworks offers industrial single-board computers (SBCs) that can utilize a variety of different Mini-PCIe and M.2 cards for expanding communication and peripheral capabilities. 

Communication Capabilities: WiFi, Cellular & Satellite Options

Wireless communication is often through standard 802.11 WiFi, including WiFi6 and WiFi6E. Wireless Mini-PCIe or M.2 cards are offered by many card vendors, such as Silex. Cellular communication is offered in 4G and 5G speeds, with Telit being a primary provider. For remote satellite communication, the Gateworks GW16130 Iridium satellite modem allows for short bursts of data. Long-range WiFi is available by using the Gateworks GW16146 HaLow WiFi card with a Newracom chipset. 

Peripheral Expansion: Enhancing Functionality

Peripheral expansion is offered through many different expansion cards such as the Gateworks GW16113 Digital I/O expansion card, GW16112 USB expansion card and GW16120 power expansion card. For high-precision GPS positioning, the GW16143 expansion card offers up to 2cm of accuracy with a u-blox ZED-F9P module. 

Versatile Compatibility: M.2 Card Adapters

A variety of M.2 adapters from Gateworks easily convert Mini-PCIe slots into M.2 slots for M.2 modems or even NVME storage (GW16148).  A large number of other vendors on the market design and manufacture Mini-PCIe expansion and M.2 cards that will plug into a Gateworks SBC to meet almost any need. 

Mini-PCIe & M.2 Expansion Highlights:

  • 4G & 5G Cellular modems available from manufacturers like Telit
  • WiFi6 & WiFi6E radios available from manufacturers like Silex
  • Gateworks GW16146 Long-Range HaLow WiFi featuring Newracom
  • Gateworks GW16130 Iridium Satellite Radio
  • Gateworks GW16143 High-Precision GPS featuring u-blox
  • Gateworks peripheral expansion cards (USB, DIO)
  • Gateworks Mini-PCIe to M.2 adapters for modems and NVMe

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