How to Integrate Hailo AI with a Gateworks Single Board Computer

How to integrate Hailo AI with a Gateworks single board computer

June 20, 2024

Quick Start Guide on How to Integrate Hailo AI with a Gateworks Single Board ComputerNow Live on Gateworks Wiki

Learn how to integrate Hailo AI accelerators with a Gateworks single board computer to enable high-performance edge AI applications. The quick start guide includes step-by-step setup instructions and examples for static image and real-time video inference.

Hailo, a leader in edge AI processors, offers high-performance, low-power AI accelerators and vision processors designed to accelerate embedded deep learning applications on edge devices. They are available in M.2 or Mini-PCIe form factors which can easily integrate with a Gateworks Single Board Computer (SBC).

Explore the possibilities of embedded AI with Gateworks and Hailo by using the complete guide on our Gateworks Support Wiki.

The Quick Start Guide includes:

  • Helpful information about HailoAI and Edge AI Processors
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Installation Steps
  • Performance Insights
  • Examples: Static Image Reference and Webcam Streaming

The integration of Hailo AI with a Gateworks Single Board Computer allows developers to leverage powerful edge AI capabilities. With detailed guidance from the Gateworks support wiki, setting up and utilizing these accelerators is now straightforward. Now whether you are working with a static image inference or real-time video processing, Hailo’s AI solutions offer robust performance for various embedded deep learning applications.

Required Equipment to use a Hailo AI Hailo-8 M.2 Module:

  1. Gateworks Venice SBC with the latest software (testing was done with Ubuntu Jammy and 6.6.8 kernel)
  2. Hailo AI Hailo-8 M.2 module ​here
  3. Gateworks GW16148 Mini-PCIe to M.2 M-Key adapter
  4. Hailo AI Developer Account (free) ​

By integrating Hailo AI with Gateworks SBCs, developers can take full advantage of cutting-edge AI technology to bring their innovative projects to life, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in edge computing.

View the Full Hailo AI Edge Processor Quick Start Guide on our Gateworks Support Wiki HERE