OpenWrt for Industrial NXP i.MX8M Mini Venice Single Board Computers

Gateworks is pleased to announce OpenWrt support for the Venice family of ARM Single Board Computers. While Ubuntu has been the primary default operating system for Venice, Gateworks is now providing OpenWrt for the users that have requested the networking-centric operating system. 

OpenWrt was previously known for it’s compact size for embedded systems, but modern flash sizes have increased where OpenWrt is not required. However, OpenWrt offers a specialized and targeted operating system for networking applications like routers and gateways, whether wired or wireless. In addition, a web interface (LuCI) can allow some setting changes to be easily accessible. 

OpenWrt is still considered an embedded operating system and has a much smaller footprint than a larger Ubuntu OS. It is ideal for wireless routers and access points.

Gateworks OpenWrt 23.03 Highlights:

  • Used for headless routers and access points, VPN
  • Features the Linux 5.15 kernel
  • Updated wireless drivers (backports from 6.1 kernel)
  • Small footprint
  • Update includes support for Venice, Newport and Ventana SBCs

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