Industrial Single Board Computers - Newport Family

The Industrial SBC family of Newport SBCs is designed for high performance networking applications in rugged and industrial environments.

These Made in the USA SBCs feature a 64-bit ARM CPU, Mini-PCIe slots, multiple Ethernet and an industrial temperature rating.   For applications requiring video, see the Venice or Ventana Family.

Not Recommended for New Designs - End of Life Notice

All Industrial Newport SBCs feature:

  • Cavium OcteonTX ARMv8 64-bit ARM Processor with DDR4 DRAM
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with coin cell battery
  • Voltage & Temperature Monitor
  • Wide Range DC Input Voltage of 8V to 60V
  • Industrial Operating Temperature from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius
  • Linux Software support of the following operating systems: Ubuntu, SUSE, OpenWrt
  • Low power draw of 4 to 8 Watts
  • Fan speed control


  • 1x GbE
  • 1x Mini-PCIe


  • 2x GbE
  • 2x Mini-PCIe


  • 2x GbE
  • 3x Mini-PCIe


  • 5x GbE (Opt. SFP)
  • 4x Mini-PCIe


  • 5x GbE
  • 4x Mini-PCIe


  • 1x GbE
  • 2x Half Mini-PCIe

Compare Newport SBC features below.

Feature GW6100GW6903GW6200GW6300 GW6400 GW6500
Product Image
Product Information Product Product Product Product Product Product
Board Size 35 x 100mm 35 x 110mm 70 x 100mm 105 x 100mm 140 x 100mm 140 x 100mm
Mini-PCIe Sites(2) 1 2
(Half Card)
2 3 4(1) 4(1)
Network Ports 1xGbE 2xGbE 5xGbE or 3xGbE & 2xSFP 5xGbE
ARM Processor Cavium Octeon TX ARMv8 64-bit 800MHz Dual Core (Opt. 1.5GHz Quad Core)
System Memory 1GB DDR4 (4GB Max)
Onboard Flash Storage 8GB eMMC (64GB Max)
Communication Ports 1xI2C Bus,1xSPI Bus 1xI2C Bus 1xI2C Bus,1xSPI Bus
Digital I/O 4 + Opt. 24(GW16113)
Cellular SIM Slot Onboard - Onboard
GPS Receiver Optional Standard Optional u-blox ZOE-M8 with GLONASS
Serial Ports 2 TTL 1 TTL 2 RS232 or 1 RS485
Front Panel USB 1xUSB2.0 1xUSB3.0 2xUSB3.0
CAN Bus - Optional
Accelerometer - - Optional
Flash Storage Expansion mSATA and
GW16103 microSD
- mSATA and microSD
Encryption - Opt. Maxim DS28C22
GW1608x Support - Optional
PoE Support Passive Passive/802.3af/at
Development Kit GW11040 GW11046 GW11041 GW11042 GW11043 GW11051

(1) GW6400/GW6500 - 3 of the 4 Mini-PCIe sites have PCIe signalling. 3 sites can support typical WiFi radios. Use GW16081 Expansion module for more Mini-PCIe sites. 4 of the 4 Mini-PCIe sites have USB signalling.

(2) Select Mini-PCIe slots can be used for WiFi, Cellular, mSATA. Select Mini-PCIe slots support USB 3.0 for 5G modems.