Newport GW6500 Rugged & Industrial Single Board Computer

The GW6500 SBC is a member of the Gateworks 6th generation Newport family of single board computers targeted for rugged and industrial applications requiring up to 5 Ethernet ports along with 4 Mini-PCIe slots. It suits  a wide range of indoor and outdoor networking applications that depend on a reliable SBC that is made in the USA. The embedded single board computer is excellent for Internet of Things (IoT) applications that require a high performance processor. Please consider the alternative Venice GW7400 Industrial Single Board Computer 

 Key Product Features
Processor: Cavium OcteonTX™ Dual Core ARMv8 800MHz
RAM: 1 GByte DDR4
Flash: 8 GBytes eMMC
Ethernet: Five Gigabit Ports (see Features tab below for PoE details)
Mini-PCIe: Four Sockets (see Features tab below for details)
WiFi/BLE: Use Mini-PCIe Cards (Optional) (see Accessories tab below)
Cellular: Use Mini-PCIe Modem (Optional) (see Accessories tab below)
GPS: u-blox ZOE-M8 (Optional)
Size: 140 x 100mm
Software: Linux Ubuntu and OpenWrt Board Support Packages
Development Kit: GW11051 (see Ordering tab below)
Release Date: Q1 2022
  • GW6500 SBC - Dual Core 800MHz ARM SoC, 1Gbyte DDR4 and 8Gbytes eMMC Flash Memory
  • GW6504 SBC – Quad Core 1.5GHz ARM SoC, 2GBytes DDR4 and 8GBytes eMMC Flash Memory, GPS & CAN
  • Micro-SD™ Flash Expansion Sockets
  • Nano SIM Socket
  • Four High-Power Mini-PCIe Sockets
  • Socket 1: PCIe or GW1608x Expansion, USB 2.0
  • Socket 2: PCIe or mSATA
  • Socket 3: PCIe or USB 3.0, USB 2.0, SIM
  • Socket 4: USB 2.0/3.0 Ports on GW6400
  • Two USB 2.0/3.0 Ports up to 5Gbps Super Speed
  • Two RS232 or RS232/422/485 Serial Port
  • Two RS232 or One RS232/422/485 Serial Port
  • Digital I/O, SPI, and I2C Expansion
  • Digital 3-axis Accelerometer/Magnetometer (Optional)
  • Real Time Clock with Battery Backup
  • Voltage and Temperature Monitor
  • Serial Configuration EEPROM
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer
  • Programmable Fan Speed Controller
  • Programmable Shut-Down and Wake-Up
  • Tamper Switch Support
  • Ublox ZOE-MQ8 GNSS GPS Receiver with PPS Standard on GW6404
  • Microchip MCP25625 2.0B CAN Bus Controller Standard on GW6404
  • Barrel Jack Input Voltage Range 8 to 60V
  • Ethernet Jack Passive PoE Input Voltage Range 10 to 60V
  • Ethernet Jack 802.3at PoE Input Voltage Range 37 to 57V
  • Input Voltage Reverse and Transient Protection
  • Typical Operating Power GW6400 6W@25C, GW6404 7W@25C
  • -40C to +85C Industrial Operating Temperature
  • Optional PCIe Expansion for Additional Mini-PCIe, Legacy Mini-PCI, or Gigabit Ports
  • Optional Maxim DS28C22 Secure Authentication and Encryption
  • Form Factor Compatible with GW5400 Ventana Media SBC
  • OpenWrt and Ubuntu Linux Board Support Packages
  • Fansink installed by default (not pictured)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Rugged & industrial high quality embedded design
  • Made in the USA
Ordering Options

Note: The GW6500 is an alternative to the GW6400, created due to supply chain shortages for the GW6400. The GW6400 had SFP Ports for Fiber Optics, the GW6500 does not. The GW6500 overall is the same size as the GW6400. They both use the same CPU and DRAM, and thus most of the software is identical. For the full list of changes, see here. If considering the GW6500, please also view the Venice GW7400

The GW6500 embedded SBC features the Cavium OcteonTX™ ARMv8 SoC processor, up to five Gigabit Ethernet ports, and four Mini-PCIe expansion sockets for supporting 802.11abgn/ac wireless radios, LTE/4G/3G CDMA/GSM cellular modems, mSATA drives and other PCI Express peripherals. A wide-range DC input power supply provides up to 15W to the Mini-PCIe sockets for supporting the latest high-power radios and up to 10W to the USB 2.0/3.0 jacks for powering external devices. Power is applied through a barrel jack or an Ethernet jack with either 802.3at or Passive Power over Ethernet. This single board computer is Made in the USA under strict ISO and AS9100 control. It is designed for operating in rugged and industrial environments, such as a remote IoT Gateway. Several Gateworks Mini-PCIe radios exist to connect to the Internet of Things cloud using the GW6400: the GW16122 Sub-1GHz radio, GW16130 Iridium Satellite Modem and the GW16126 LTE CATM1 Cellular modem. The five Ethernet ports allow the SBC to operate like a switch or router for more demanding edge applications.

Knowledge Base / Wiki

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