New Mini-PCIe Satellite Modem for IoT

GW16130 Mini-PCIe Satellite Modem

There are some IoT applications that are outside the reach of cellular and WiFi networks. In these cases, a modem that connects to a satellite network is required to maintain a connection anywhere in the world. The Gateworks GW16130 Satellite modem utilizes the Iridium 9603N satellite transciever which allows two-way communications anywhere with a clear line of sight to the sky. The 9603N module is used for short burst data packets (340bytes uplink, 270bytes downlink) and perfect for Internet of Things (IoT) remote sensor applications with minimal non-realtime data requirements. The GW16130 provides cost-effective, short burst satellite connectivity for asset tracking, fleet management, telemetry, oceanographic data, grid monitoring and IoT applications.

GW16130 Highlights:
Iridium 9603N SBD Satellite Transceiver
Low cost, low bandwidth satellite communications
Max Message payload: 340 bytes upload, 270 bytes download
1.6W Average transmit power, -117dBm Receiver sensitivity
Full industrial temperature operation
No SIM card required
Onboard u.Fl antenna port for antenna connection
Full size Mini-PCIe mechanical form factor
Utilizes Mini-PCIe USB 2.0 channel for communications
Simple UART AT command interface
The GW16130 is designed to work with Gateworks SBCs and available for your IoT design today!

Visit the GW16130 Product Page for more details.