New Mini-PCIe CAT M1 Cellular & BLE Radio Card

GW16126 Mini-PCIe LTE Cat M1 Cellular Modem & BLE Radio

Gateworks is consistently investing in the growing Internet of Things market. Part of this investment is creating a Mini-PCIe radio that provides wireless connectivity targeted towards IoT markets. Being able to connect to the cloud is of the utmost importance. The GW16132 features a u-blox Sara-R410M CAT M1 Cellular Modem providing a low cost, low power connection for sensor data applications. Utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the GW16132 is also able to read BLE sensors to collect important data through a u-blox NINA-B301 radio. This BLE radio is programmed with the Open-Source Zephyr Project RTOS which exposes a standard Linux Bluetooth HCI interface.

GW16132 Highlights:
u-blox Sara-R410M CAT M1 Cellular Modem
Offers low cost, low bandwidth LTE CATM1 cloud connection
Operates with most North America Cellular providers
Other regions available with alternate module upon request
nano-SIM socket to support the CAT M1 Radio starter SIM included
u-blox NINA-B301 Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy Radio
Features Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 chipset
Utilizes standard Linux HCI drivers
Pre-loaded with Open-Source Zephyr Project RTOS
The GW16132 is designed to work with Gateworks SBCs and available for your IoT design today!

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