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kali linux
kali linux

The Gateworks Industrial Single Board Computers are very universal and used for a wide variety of applications, including network security analysis and testing. The SBCs feature ARM processors that run a Linux operating system. Certain distributions of Linux are better suited for specific tasks. One of the best distributions for security analysis and testing is Kali Linux.

All About Kali Linux

Kali Linux was formally known as BackTrack Linux and is developed by Offensive Security. This distribution is designed for digital forensics and security testing so companies and governments can take an offensive approach to stay protected. The distribution is Debian based. Kali Linux was named after it’s use as Kernel Auditing Linux. The Ventana and Newport families of Gateworks SBCs now support Kali Linux.

Typical use cases are:

  • Detect systematic vulnerabilities on networks and servers
  • Analyze and identify security holes
  • Monitoring and determining strength of WiFi security
  • Probe systems and networks for identifying security pitfalls

Gateworks Kali Linux Wiki

Gateworks uses a wiki platform for documenting software functionality on the industrial SBCs it manufactures.

The Gateworks Kali Linux wiki page documents how to install and run Kali Linux on the Ventana and Newport SBCs. The wiki also provides several examples using tools within Kali Linux for detecting vulnerabilities and holes on networks and servers.

Visit the Gateworks Kali Linux Wiki


Full coverage of this showcase with detailed programming instructions can be found on the Gateworks Kali Linux Wiki Page.

Offensive Security develops cutting edge tools for engineering teams and government-focused organizations requiring an offensive approach to security to provide situational awareness and detailed insight into their networks and servers in order to identify and act against security threats. To view details about Offensive Security , view their website.

Gateworks Corporation designs and manufactures ARM based single board computers and cellular modem cards in the USA. Several industrial SBC families have varying sizes from 35x70mm up to 140x100mm with Mini-PCIe and M.2 slots specific for SDR usage. The SBCs feature multiple ethernet (including dual Gigabit) ports as well as multiple Mini-PCIe slots for WiFi and Cellular radios. Each single board computer is designed with an optimized and highly efficient power supply that accepts 10-60VDC. To further view the entire line of Gateworks SBCs, please visit the Gateworks Industrial Single Board Computer product page.

Ventana GW5510 Single Board Computer
The Ventana GW5510 Industrial single board computer is only 35x70mm and features a Mini-PCIe slot for cellular modems, HDMI Video Input and Output and multiple peripheral interfaces.
GW6400 SBC
The Newport GW6400 Industrial SBC features a Marvell OcteonTX ARM CPU, 5 Ethernet ports.