GW16082 Expansion Module

An expansion module for adding legacy Mini-PCI sockets to any Gateworks Ventana & Newport Single Board Computers

Note: This product has been discontinued. Please read more on PCN43.

 Key Product Features
Expansion: Qty 4 Legacy Mini-PCI Sockets
SBCs Supported: Ventana w/ Special Expansion Connector (see Documentation for details)
  • Four Legacy Mini-PCI Sockets (All Support Both Legacy PCI and USB)
  • 32 Kbit Serial Identification EEPROM
  • Small 140x100x18mm Form Factor
  • Generic Ventana Mounting Hole Pattern
  • Mounting Standoffs and Screws Included
  • Stacks with Other Ventana Expansion Modules
  • Switching Supply Supports High Power Radios
  • Reverse Voltage and Transient Protection
  • 8 to 60 VDC Input Voltage Range
  • 1W Typical Operating Power
  • 30W Shared Between Mini-PCI Sockets
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Note: Requires SBC with Expansion Connector
  • Note: Ventana SBCs have a memory resource limit. Read more here
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Note: This product has been discontinued. Please read more on PCN43.

The GW16082 is an expansion module for the Gateworks 5th generation Ventana family of single board computer The expansion module adds four legacy Mini-PCI sockets to any Ventana single board computer. All four sockets include both PCI and USB 2.0 signaling for GSM/CDMA modem support using the Gateworks GW16038 and GW16049 adapters. A highly efficient, wide-input power supply support high-power Mini-PCI radios. Other members of the Ventana expansion module family are available with Mini-PCIe sockets, GbE Ethernet ports, and GbE Fiber Ethernet ports.

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