Laguna Single Board Computers

The Laguna Family is no longer recommended for new designs due to the end-of-life announcement for the Econa CPU.

The Laguna Family of SBCs are cost effective networking single board computers.

  • Single/Dual Marvell Econa ARM11 32-bit CPU to 600MHz
  • DDR2 DRAM to 512MB
  • System Flash to 128MB

For datasheets and pricing, please contact the Gateworks sales team.

Model Image Description
GW2380 1x Mini-PCIe, 1x GbE
GW2382 1x Mini-PCIe, 1x GbE, 1x USB
GW2391 2x Mini-PCIe, 1x GbE
GW2387 2x Mini-PCI, 1x GbE
GW2388 4x Mini-PCI, 2x GbE

Gateworks Embedded Products

Looking for a powerful ARM-based computer board that can withstand harsh environments?

We offer single board computers, mini-PCI express expansion cards, and enclosures designed for rugged, industrial applications.

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