Doodle Labs Announces Collaboration with Gateworks

Doodle Labs, a leading manufacturer of embedded wireless broadband modules is announcing a strategic collaboration with Gateworks, the leading manufacturer of embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs), to accelerate system prototyping and development of wireless broadband applications across all major market segments such as Communications, Healthcare, Transportation, Public Safety, Retail, IT/Networks, Energy, Digital Signage, Industrial, Robotics, UAV’s and Military.

Doodle Labs offers an extensive family of radio modules that operate in many licensed and license free bands. Gateworks offers over 200 different SBC varieties for nearly every embedded application in all market segments. Both companies have worked together to develop a proven open source software stack based on OpenWRT. Combining all elements of hardware and software creates a powerful development platform that is ready to use out-of-the-box. Both companies will promote the development kits to increase market penetration.

Gordon Edmonds, Founder and CEO of Gateworks said, “Through this strategic collaboration with Doodle Labs, we enhance our ability to provide proven wireless development platforms to a broader and growing user base and support nearly every market application.”

“We are looking forward to working with Gateworks to integrate our wireless broadband modules with their SBC,” said Nimesh Parikh, Founder and CEO, Doodle Labs. “When customers choose embedded modules they expect rapid implementations; they also expect the development platform to work right out of the box – even when the components are from different vendors. That’s why Gordon and I believe it’s important that our two companies work together to make it happen.”