Low Power and High Performance Single Board Computers (SBCs) designed for embedded wireless and wired network applications.

Ventana SBC Pricing and Development Kits


The Ventana Family of Single Board Computers is available for purchase either as an individual computer board or as a development kit.

The Ventana development kit includes a Ventana Single Board Computer and the items needed to develop applications with:

  • (1) Ventana SBC Board
  • Ventana Wire Terminal Breakout Adapter
  • Ventana Audio and Video Breakout Adapter (Video Models Only)
  • PoE Injector
  • Powersupply wall unit (AC/DC,24V 1A. 2.5mm)for powering the network processor board
  • JTAG-USB Programmer for downloading software from a standard Linux or Windows PC to the network processor.  The JTAG-USB Programmer simultaneously allows serial console access over the same JTAG interface.
  • Assorted cables for interfacing to various peripherals.
    • Ethernet Cable 5 ft.
    • USB Type A Male to Female Extension Cable 6 ft.
    • USB Type B Micro Male to Type A Male Cable 6 ft.
    • USB Type B Micro Male to Type A Female Cable 6 in.
    • HDMI Micro Male to HDMI Male Cable 6 ft.
    • HDMI Micro Male to HDMI Female Adapter

Software is available from the Gateworks Software Wiki here: Ventana Software Wiki

Ventana Dev Kit Part Numbers:

  • GW5100 Dev Kit Part #GW11027
  • GW5200 Dev Kit Part #GW11028
  • GW5300 Dev Kit Part #GW11029
  • GW5310 Dev Kit Part #GW11032
  • GW5400 Dev Kit Part #GW11030
  • GW5410 Dev Kit Part #GW11031
  • GW5510 Dev Kit Part #GW11035
  • GW5520 Dev Kit Part #GW11034
  • GW5530 Dev Kit Part #GW11038
  • GW5220 Dev Kit Part #GW11037 

Note: For Ventana Expansion Modules or GPS with Dev Kits, please contact Gateworks.

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