Low Power and High Performance Single Board Computers (SBCs) designed for embedded wireless and wired network applications.

Gateworks News

Gateworks News

GATEWORKS is the leading supplier of Powerful ARM based Single Board Computers for transmitting and receiving audio, video and data in embedded wireless & wired network systems. 

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Newport GW6400 Networking Single Board Computer

on Tuesday, 19 June 2018.

Gateworks is proud to announce the release of the Newport GW6400 single board computer, featuring the Cavium Octeon TX® Dual/Quad Core ARM processor running up to 1.5GHz. The GW6400 is the latest Newport family member with an extensive list of features, including five Gigabit Ethernet ports and two SFP fiber ports. The GW6400 comes in two standard stocking models, the Dual Core GW6400 and the fully loaded Quad Core GW6404. For more information visit the link below: http://www.gateworks.com/product/item/newport-gw6400-single-board-computer

Announcing Newport Family of SBCs

on Thursday, 26 October 2017.

Gateworks is proud to announce the release of the Newport family of single board computers, featuring the Cavium Octeon TX® ARM processor. This product line is the first to utilize the Octeon TX and represents the next generation of networking performance for embedded processor boards.

Gateworks Newport Family Highlights:
  • Cavium OcteonTX ARMv8 64-bit
  • Dual/Quad CPU up to 1.5GHz
  • DDR4 DRAM up to 8GB
  • eMMC Flash up to 64GB
  • Up to 5x GbE Ethernet Ports (optional fiber ports available)
  • Up to 4x Mini-PCIe Sites
  • USB 3.0 
  • PCIe 3.0 
  • Optional Maxim DS28C22 Secure Authentication and Encryption
  • Optional Ublox ZOE-MQ8 GNSS GPS Receiver with PPS
  • Optional Microchip MCP25625 2.0B CAN Bus Controller
The Newport family of processor boards will be available in four form factors to accommodate various connectivity and size requirements. The Newport boards are size-compatible with the Ventana family of products to easily upgrade existing solutions to a higher performance platform.
Read the full press release here: Official Newport Press Release
See more product information here: Newport Selection Guide

New SBC: Ventana GW5530

on Tuesday, 26 July 2016.

Gateworks is proud to announce the newest member of the Ventana Family of Single Board Computers, the GW5530. 

The GW5530 has an extremely low profile and small form factor, ideal for applications in Digital Signage and Wireless Mulimedia

The system includes the following:

  • NXP iMX6 Processor
  • HDMI HD Video Output
  • New UBlox GPS (optional)
  • Composite Video Out
  • Mini-PCIe Slot for WiFi or Cellular with SIM
  • MicroSD for storage
  • Gateworks GSC

Read more here






Embedded Android Development Kit

on Friday, 26 February 2016.

Android is becoming a very useful platform for demanding embedded systems. When coupled with a LCD touchscreen, Android loaded on a rugged industrial single board computer can become the interface everyone desires. Gateworks has created a turn-key Android development system to bring a product to market quickly!

The system includes the following:

  • GW5224 Single Board Computer
  • Freescale i.MX6 Quad Core Processor
  • 1GB DRAM
  • 2GB NAND Flash
  • GPS
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Radio
  • 7" LCD PCAP Touchscreen Display with black anodized bezel
  • 8GB MicroSD Pre-Loaded with Android OS
  • Power Supply
  • Serial Console Adapter & more!

Read More Here

New Small Dual GbE Ethernet SBC - Ventana GW5520

on Thursday, 10 September 2015.

Gateworks is proud to introduce a new Single Board Computer to the Ventana Family! The GW5520 is great for networking applications such as routers, VPN and others that require 2 full speed gigabit ethernet ports.2 Mini-PCIe sockets are available for wireless, cellular and expansion needs. Dual host USB ports are loaded for peripherals. A fullsize HDMI port allows for a video display for user interactivity. The GW5520 is a small form factor dual ethernet SBC ready to hit the market today! 

Read More Here

NEW GW5510 Femto Miniature Wireless HDMI SBC for IoT

on Friday, 23 January 2015.

Gateworks is proud to introduce a new Single Board Computer to the Ventana Family! The GW5510 has been optimized for multimedia and networking applications that require a miniature (35x70mm or 1.37x2.75in) form factor. The board features both HDMI input and HDMI output ports that make wireless HDMI video tranmission possible by using the Mini-PCIe slot for wireless or cellular devices. An application header provides CAN Bus, I2C, USB, PWM, Serial, and Digital I/O. The GW5510 Femto is a revolutionary device that will fit perfect for all upcoming IoT designs! 

Ordering, Datasheets, and Full Specifications


Doodle Labs Announces Collaboration with Gateworks

on Tuesday, 17 June 2014.

Doodle Labs, a leading manufacturer of embedded wireless broadband modules is announcing a strategic collaboration with Gateworks, the leading manufacturer of embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs), to accelerate system prototyping and development of wireless broadband applications across all major market segments such as Communications, Healthcare, Transportation, Public Safety, Retail, IT/Networks, Energy, Digital Signage, Industrial, Robotics, UAV’s and Military.

Doodle Labs offers an extensive family of radio modules that operate in many licensed and license free bands. Gateworks offers over 200 different SBC varieties for nearly every embedded application in all market segments.  Both companies have worked together to develop a proven open source software stack based on OpenWRT. Combining all elements of hardware and software creates a powerful development platform that is ready to use out-of-the-box.  Both companies will promote the development kits to increase market penetration.

 Gordon Edmonds, Founder and CEO of Gateworks said, "Through this strategic collaboration with Doodle Labs, we enhance our ability to provide proven wireless development platforms to a broader and growing user base and support nearly every market application."


“We are looking forward to working with Gateworks to integrate our wireless broadband modules with their SBC,” said Nimesh Parikh, Founder and CEO, Doodle Labs. “When customers choose embedded modules they expect rapid implementations; they also expect the development platform to work right out of the box – even when the components are from different vendors. That’s why Gordon and I believe it’s important that our two companies work together to make it happen.”


Avnet Embedded Extends Offering to Americas Customers with Powerful, Low Power Single Board Computers from Gateworks

on Friday, 13 September 2013.

This agreement provides customers in the Americas access to Gateworks’ product portfolio of hundreds of SBC variations that serve across a wide variety of markets and applications. Applications include systems for digital signage, kiosks, point of sales, medical monitoring, security/access control, smart phones and tablets, networking, wireless hotspots, military communications, military robotics, unmanned area vehicles and drones, video and communications surveillance, border monitoring, first responder, fleet tracking, energy exploration/mining, agriculture, electric grid and the exploding machine to machine (M2M) market.

Gateworks offers wireless and wired embedded system designers hundreds of SBC choices which provide the fastest time to market, lowest design risk and lowest design cost, saving the customer six to 18 months in time-to-market and $300,000 to $1.5 million in design cost.

“By adding the Gateworks portfolio to our line card, our integration experts can help our embedded system design customers fast track their designs with a very wide variety of proven ARM-based single board computers,” said Jeff Ittel, senior vice president of embedded marketing at Avnet Embedded. “With an extensive configuration of SBCs, Gateworks supports nearly every market and application that we serve.”

“By working with Avnet Embedded, Gateworks is accelerating the adoption of our products in the exploding M2M and Internet of Things (IOT) markets. Avnet Embedded’s extensive sales force, customer relationships and services will provide customers in the Americas greater access to Gateworks products. We look forward to a long and very successful partnership with Avnet Embedded,” said Orlando Gallegos, vice president of sales and business development at Gateworks.

For more information on Gateworks products from Avnet, see www.avnetembedded.com.

Long Range Sub-1 Ghz IoT Mini-PCIe Radio for Industrial Applications

on Friday, 02 March 2018.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly being adopted by nearly every industry in the world to allow control and monitoring of almost anything! Gateworks created an IoT Radio for rugged and industrial applications. This Mini-PCIe radio card provides low-power and long-range radio communications.

Gateworks GW16122 Mini-PCIe IoT Radio:

  • Enables Gateworks SBCs as an IoT Gateway / Collector
  • Sub-1 GHz Radio (868MHz EU, 915 MHz US)
  • TI CC1350 Dual-Band Wireless Radio Transmitter/Receiver
  • Long Range Communication: -124dBm Receive Sensitivity
  • Low Power
  • Minimal Interference – Narrow Bandwidth
  • IEEE 802.15.4e/g Standard for Star Networks
  • WiSun Frequency Hopping
  • Contiki 6LoWPAN
  • -40C to +85C Temperature Range

When compared to many other IoT technologies such as SigFox and Lora, this technology requires no monthly fees or consortium memberships. All the software is Open Source and the entire network is completely private with zero dependency on the coverage of third party networks. The GW16122 will enable Gateworks SBCs to serve as an IoT Gateway for all embedded rugged and industrial applications!

To learn more about the IoT Radio Card, click the link below:

Visit the GW16122 Product Page

Drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Showcase

on Thursday, 29 September 2016.

Nearly 7 million drones will be shipped by 2020 according to FAA estimates. UAVs require communication to a ground station over a wireless link providing information such as HD video and telemetry data. Gateworks has Single Board Computers that are Drone & UAV Ready such as the Ventana GW5510 shown below: Important Features:

  • HDMI Input for video cameras
  • High Power Mini-PCIe Slot for wireless radio
  • Communication buses for telemetry data
  • Industrial Temperature Ratings from -40 to +85C
  • Made in the USA
  • GStreamer Software Framework for video transmission

For videos and more about Gateworks SBCs for Drones and UAVS, visit the link below:

Gateworks UAV & Drone Showcase

Embedded Android Software

on Wednesday, 16 March 2016.

Android is growing fast in Embedded Applications. The Gateworks Android Development kit is a great starting point for quick development with both the hardware and software.

To aid in Android software development, Gateworks has developed an example Android application showcasing the interaction of the software with the Gateworks Android hardware. The app features support for low level control of the user GPIO, LEDs and more. An easy to use Android library is also provided which can be utilized for any custom application development.

The Gateworks Android Software has been documented on the following wiki pages:

  • Android App Development – Actual Android App (APK file). Topics covered include setting up the Android Studio IDE, writing sample code for a Hello World App, as well as using an external Gateworks code library for accessing low level items through the app such as GPIOs, LEDs and more.
  • Android OS Development – Lower level operating system. This includes items on the serial console command line such as init scripts, ADB, partitions, command line networking, LED control, GPIO control and other hardware integration.


8x Video Inputs for SBCs

on Friday, 26 February 2016.

Embedded systems are increasingly using video to monitor and communicate live conditions and allow control of autonomous systems and vehicles. A majority of SBCs offer a single video input but many specialized applications such as security monitoring require more. This can be achieved through the AMP AVC8000nano Mini-PCIe capture card inserted into one of the Mini-PCIe slots on a Gateworks Ventana SBC. Gateworks has added software support for the AVC8000nano so the card is ready to use. Examples are shown for displaying the 8 camera feeds on a HDMI monitor as well as streaming a composite video of the 8 camera feeds over the network. Be sure to read more at the link below!

Read More Here

Gateworks Exhibiting at Designing with Freescale Show 2015

on Friday, 13 March 2015.

Gateworks is exhibiting at the Designing with Freescale show San Jose, California on March 26th.  As a Freescale Proven Partner, Gateworks is dedicated to expanding the embedded ecosystem with the Ventana line of single board computers.  Stop by the Gateworks booth for demonstrations and to talk to a Gateworks technology expert. We look forward to seeing you there!

Gateworks Releases New Ventana Indoor Enclosures

on Wednesday, 17 December 2014.

Gateworks is proud to introduce a new line of enclosures for the Gateworks Ventana Family! Designed for indoor applications, these stylish enclosures will protect any Ventana single board computer. All of the enclosures are built from rugged aluminum with a black painted finish. Each enclosure measures 35mm tall, 105mm long, and vary in width depending on the corresponding Ventana SBC. The enclosures include an aluminum heat sink with adhesive tape for conducting heat from the i.MX6 processor to the bottom plate of the metal enclosure. These are a great way to dress up and protect your next order of Ventana family SBCs!

Gateworks Exhibiting at Freescale Technology Forum Show

on Monday, 24 March 2014.

Gateworks is exhibiting at the Freescale Technology Forum in Dallas, Texas from April 8th - 11th.  As a Freescale Proven Partner, Gateworks is dedicated to expanding the embedded ecosystem with the Ventana line of single board computers.  Stop by the Gateworks booth for demonstrations and to talk to a Gateworks technology expert.