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Gateworks Single Board Computers support all peripherals on the board - No carrier board required! IoT (Internet of Things) Ready!

Single Board Computers (SBCs) for Every Embedded Wireless and Wired Network System Application and IoT!

Newport SBC Family
Cavium Octeon TX 64-bit ARMv8 Processor
High Performance Networking        PCIe 3.0        USB 3.0          DDR4 Memory         Up To 1.5GHz Quad-Core

Configurable Connectivity
Mini-PCI, Mini-PCIe, GbE,
Serial RS232/RS485, CAN Bus,

Simple Customization
Feature Optimization
CPU Speed, Flash, DRAM, Peripherals
De-population of Unused Components to Minimize Board Cost

Comprehensive Software
OpenWrt Linux
OpenEmbedded Linux
Android, Ubuntu, Debian

Configurable Processor Performance
300MHz Single Core to 1GHz Quad Core, software scalable and pin compatible

Specialized Embedded Features
RTC, Voltage/Temperature Monitor,
GPIO, Tamper Switch, GPS,
Advanced Power Management

Made in USA
Responsive Support
Superior Design Assistance
Long Life Availability
Ventana SBC Demo Video

Price Quotations & Order Entry:
     - Call Factory at (805) 781-2000 or Email Sales@gateworks.com
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