LoRa And Microsoft Azure

Gateworks has officially released an entire line of indoor aluminum enclosures to be used with the Newport family of SBCs. These enclosures are based on the same design as the previous generation but feature new improvements. The enclosure height has been increased to allow clearance for the fansink included on the Newport SBCs. Additionally, the side plates are vented with holes allowing greater airflow. Front panel cutouts fit each model of SBC, while universal SMA antenna cutouts are offered on the back plate. All mounting hardware is included. Whether using these enclosures for prototyping or for a production system, they are built and designed for any indoor application!

The IoT ecosystem provides a wide array of networks and cloud providers. To create an entire IoT solution, leveraging existing technologies can provide a faster time to market while still providing some flexibility with customization. Gateworks SBCs provide this flexibility and quick time to market.

For long range sensors, LoRa has become a popular option. Many LoRa sensors are already on the market but require a gateway. A custom gateway can be created using a Gateworks Single Board Computer with a Mini-PCIe LoRa Concentrator. Ubuntu Linux and open source software provide for unlocked access for as much customization as desired. 

Once the sensor data is captured, it needs to be stored, analyzed and monitored. The Microsoft Azure cloud service is a great option option with many predefined IoT specific modules available to make integration easier. The Azure “Remote Monitoring” solution accelerator allows for a quick deployment in minutes. 

Gateworks has created a demo in which data is sent from a LoRa sensor to a LoRa Concentrator on a Gateworks SBC. This data is then pushed over ethernet, WiFi, Cellular or satellite to the Azure cloud using the MQTT protocol.

LoRa & Azure Highlights:

  • LoRa Sensor Node
  • LoRa Mini-PCIe Concentrator on Gateworks SBC
  • MQTT Protocol used to send to Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Gateworks LoRa & Azure IoT Demo