Gateworks System Controller – GSC

Gateworks creates Single Board Computers (SBCs) that have very unique and powerful features that are not found in other SBCs. One of these features is the Gateworks System Controller (GSC). The GSC provides system health parameters to the user along with additional specialized peripheral functions. The GSC is battery backed allowing monitoring when the main board power is removed. Some features include:

  • Tamper detection
  • Encryption Key Support
  • System Voltages
  • Board Temperature
  • Fan Controller
  • Real time clock
  • A programmable user push button
  • An advanced power management with a programmable board shutdown and wakeup
  • General purpose digital I/O

To read more about all the features and how they operate, please visit the Gateworks Wiki at the following link:

Gateworks has recently updated the GSC software. Revisions can be viewed here.

Customers already taking advantage of the GSC on their custom orders can request the GSC software version be updated to match the latest version. Please contact Gateworks for more information.