Low Power and High Performance Single Board Computers (SBCs) designed for embedded wireless and wired network applications.



Specials and Customs

Gateworks offers a large selection of standard products to meet the size and feature set requirements for most applications. For applications that require a product that is different from the standard product, Gateworks offers a Specials Program and a Customs Program. These programs allow customers to modify these standard products when required for their specific applications. Gateworks has worked with hundreds of customers to implement more than 250 specials and customs.

The Specials Program is for customers that find a Gateworks standard product with a form-factor and feature set that meets the requirements of their target application. While there is no cost associated with this program, there is a 100-piece minimum order requirement. The Custom Program is for customers that require a unique form-factor or a specific feature that is not available on a Gateworks standard product. All standard, special, and custom products are manufactured in the United States at the Gateworks production facility. See the selection flowchart below for more help deciding between a standard, special, or custom product.

Specials Program

The Specials Program enables customers to make changes to Gateworks standard products with only a 100-piece minimum order commitment. Several of the typical changes are shown below.

  • Changing components such as SDRAM size, Flash size, or Processor type/speed.
  • Removing components not used to lower the cost of the product
  • Adding components originally designed into the product but not loaded on the standard version.
  • Programming customer firmware,
  • Locking the product revision to ensure the same product is delivered in the future. This is especially useful for products that have been through agency approval.


How it works

The newly defined product is assigned a unique special number for reference on all future orders. This number has the format GWxxxx-SPyyy-z, where the xxxx field refers to the standard product number, the yyy field refers to the unique special number, and the z field refers to the special revision. An example number is GW2382-SP256-A. This is a GW2382 standard product with GPS loaded. The special number is SP256 and the revision is A.

Customs Program

The Customs Program enables customers to completely define the form factor and feature set of the product. Many of the custom services provided by Gateworks are listed below. Contact Gateworks Sales department for a custom design quote.

  • Working with the customer to generate the new product specification.
  • Generating schematics and PCB artwork using the industry standard Cadence software.
  • Fabrication and assembly of both prototype and production quantities.
  • Additional capabilities include: Linux software development; driver development; certifications such as FCC, UL, CSA, and CE; environment testing for thermal, shock, and vibration; and complete product assembly.

How it works

The custom product is assigned a unique product number used on all future orders. This number has the format GWxxxx-y, where the xxxx field includes the new product number and the y field includes the product revision. An example number is GW2386-B.

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