Low Power and High Performance Single Board Computers (SBCs) designed for embedded wireless and wired network applications.

Design & Manufacturing

Design & Manufacturing

Gateworks Certifications

Gateworks is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified.

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Gateworks Design Expertise

Quality starts at the initial product design phase. Gateworks engineers have over 35 years of industry experience in the design of embedded single board computers (SBCs) and have learned from this vast experience where issues can arise and use time proven circuit blocks to maximize quality. Gateworks’ latest product family, Ventana, is the 5th generation of SBCs that have been brought to market over the past 14 years.

Gateworks is also unique in that in addition to designing all their own products, they also have on-site manufacturing which creates an extremely tight coupling between design engineering and manufacturing. This allows manufacturing to quickly feedback any issues to maximize yields and produce the highest quality product.

Gateworks Surface Mount Technology

Gateworks manufactures all of its Network Processor Board products at the company owned manufacturing facility located in San Luis Obispo, California. The manufacturing facility features a state of the art, full Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly line which provides cost effective, high volume board assembly. This in-house assembly line also allows Gateworks to quickly produce custom and prototype board products.

Gateworks specializes in surface mount and thru-hole assembly of products for commercial, industrial, military and RF applications. The assembly facility is environmentally friendly using Aqueous closed loop wash system and 100% RoHS lead free solder. Each step of the production process, including test is monitored and tracked through a leading edge, in-house designed , process management system called GW Track.

Highlights of Gateworks SMT assembly expertise and processes include:

  • Automated laser stencil printing ensures high quality and accurate solder paste printing to eliminate and reduce component soldering defects.
  • High speed SMT component placement with broad component flexibility.
  • Large BGA and fine pitch micro BGA placement as well as 0402 chips and odd form components placements.
  • Multi-zone reflow process to provide high quality, high reliability solid solder joints
  • Selective solder with accurate and repeatable thru-hole soldering to assure high quality and reliability.
  • Cleaning processes to provide high reliability product free from all flux residues and contaminants.
  • Computer control of the entire manufacturing process. Paperless system allows for accurate and up to date product documentation to be available online at each step of the process.
  • Gateworks builds to IPC-A-610 Class 2 standards
  • 100% AOI Inspection, 100% IEEE 1149.1 Boudary-Scan, and 100% Functional Test
  • Functional test of 100% of product includes a comprehensive suite of tests such as installation of customer firmware. All test results are logged to process management database to allow for continual process review and improvement.
  • All equipment to support high volume, high quality assembly is networked and on line to provide real time process metrics.
  • Finally, Gateworks makes continual investments in production equipment, which has provided necessary capacity increases to accommodate rapid growth.

“GW Track” is the backbone on which Gateworks operates on a daily basis. It provides a seamless interaction between Sales, Engineering and Production. GW Track greatly reduces the time to take a product from initial design to prototype and then to production volume.

Highlights of GW TRACK system include:

  • The process begins with a design from engineering in the form of an Assembly drawing and the placement data for the design. Engineering is then able to create a product from the design that is fully customized for our customer, tracking the approval process of every department ensuring the product is what the customer ordered and is manufacturable in high volume.
  • This custom program tracks every piece of material that goes into a product from initial receiving of the components, to the placement of that component on the product. Every item has a barcode associated with it allowing traceability back to our vendors. This barcode associates the component to a Part Number ensuring the end product is built correctly every time.
  • Creates all of the Assembly drawings, Assembly Instructions, Bill of Material, Engineering Change Orders, Machine Placement Files and Test Configurations from a single set of data. This ensures that all of the material is uniform and does not conflict as well as ensuring the product will be built correctly for the life of the product.
  • Product produced at Gateworks is uniquely identified with a barcode serial number that tracks every step that the product takes, from SMT placement to final packaging and shipping. GW Track records pertinent information from every step in the process including test configurations, programmed flash images, test results and timestamps for each process. The system does not allow a product to be shipped from our facility until every process is approved and complete. It also records all MAC Addresses and serial numbers and notifies customers when product is shipped. This notification contains all product serial numbers, MAC addresses, flash security identification numbers and board model numbers for every product that is shipped. It also contains the end customer’s invoice ensuring easy receiving for our customers.
  • GW Track is a paperless system, making it environmentally friendly as well as ensuring no loss in data.
  • Maintains all equipment information including maintenance tasks associated with the equipment. This ensures high uptime of our equipment to ensure on time delivery of Gateworks products.
  • All information is contained within a single database which allows Gateworks to produce a customized product or prototypes quickly, producing machine files, assembly drawing, and assembly instructions with a few clicks of the mouse. It also provides traceability and consistency required for high volume production. 
  • Flexibility: GW Track was designed in-house, so the program is constantly changing to work better and more efficiently for the company.

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