WiFi 802.11s Mesh Networking Showcase

Wireless technology continues to evolve over the years with new configurations and optimizations being released constantly. While the common infrastructure mode is popular for consumers, mesh networking can be very powerful for industrial and rugged applications. Mesh networking allows for multiple nodes to talk to any other node without the need for a centralized access point. If any nodes are compromised, the rest of the network will continue to function. Mesh networking is widely used in applications such as City WiFi, Mining Communication, Drones and UAVs, Utility Monitoring, Automotive and Military Communications.

There have been many mesh implementations over the past years, including OLSR and BATMAN. However, the Linux community has moved forward with a vanilla 802.11s implementation which is now the standard.

Newport GW6200 Single Board Computer

Gateworks has used its Single Board Computers and some off the shelf wireless radios to setup a 802.11s mesh showcase. Software examples and instructions were documented to allow for getting started very quickly. A Gateworks Newport Single Board Computer was used due to its high performance design for networking. The SBC was loaded with Ubuntu Bionic software and a 802.11AC WiFi Radio. A simple basic mesh was created and passed packets.

Gateworks 802.11s Mesh Networking Highlights:

  • Gateworks Newport Single Board Computer
  • Compex WLE900VX 802.11AC
  • Ubuntu Bionic Linux OS
  • ATH10K Wireless Driver

Instructions are available for getting a mesh network setup quickly!

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