Yocto Qt 5 3D Hardware Acceleration Demo

QT5 Demo

The Qt Framework is one of the best choices for Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) on Embbedded ARM processors. The Gateworks Ventana family features the i.MX6 processor which has hardware acceleration support for Qt.

Gateworks has provided a Qt example showcasing the following:
Yocto 2.3 Pyro
Qt 5 GUI Framework
GStreamer 1.10
Rendering videos on 3D objects integrated in QtQuick 2
Video source can be a file, camera input, or network stream
Allows interaction to spin 3D object
GUI interface for adjusting graphical parameters
Gateworks has long supported the Yocto BSP for the Ventana Family of SBCs. Qt is one of the most popular GUI platforms in Yocto and is what Gateworks recommends for graphical applications.

For a one minute video & software:

Visit the Gateworks Qt 5 Wiki