Wireless Mesh Networking

Small rugged battery powered wireless bridge nodes that create a bridge between wireless segments allowing extension of the operating range in harsh and severe environments. Mesh software is used to eliminate user configuration and units are typically tossed out of vehicles during reconnaissance missions. View the Gateworks Mesh Networking Wiki page.

Industrial Automation

Wireless communications using SBCs between factory floor equipment to allow real time monitoring of processes. Rugged wireless access points and clients enclosed in NEMA rated enclosures typically used to allow operation in harsh factory conditions. Gateworks Single Board Computers have the flexibility to provide both Ethernet and Wireless networking. Using a single board computer that …

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Mobile Computing

Gateworks rugged Single Board Computers (SBC) are matched for a tough automotive and marine environments. An integrated GPS allows for navigation, tracking, and statistics. A CAN Bus port allows for important vehicle monitoring and diagnostics. A rich graphical user interface via the Android operating system provides a rich multimedia experience. Whether it is a boat, …

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Small battery powered unit embedded in robot to provide a wireless data link between the operator and robot. Uses hi-power radios for long range, hi-bandwidth and low latency transmission of video, audio, sensor and control data. Data can be encrypted to provide secure communications.

Vehicle Internet

Cellular and Satellite to Wi-Fi bridge for passenger internet access. Real time location and vehicle information can be provided back to control center for real time schedule updates.

Embedded Android

The Ventana Family of Single Board Computers are able to run the Android Operating System and are suitable for rugged industrial environments. Combining a Ventana SBC, Android, and a LVDS touchscreen LCD Display will turn any industrial project into an interactive easy-to-use system. With Android already installed, just add an Android App and the solution …

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Remote soil sensor and weather data monitoring to allow farmers to determine optimum irrigation schedules. Multiple sensors can be aggregated over Wi-Fi and then pushed up to internet using a cellular connection.

Oil Platforms

Wireless communication of instrument and sensor data to control towers. Secure WLAN links between platforms and buoys.

Utility Meter

Electric, gas and water meter reading over different networking media including Ethernet, fiber, Wi-Fi and cellular.

Surface Mining

Mobile, hi-power wireless nodes used for vehicle tracking and communicating vehicle status back to main control center. Allows vehicles to be scheduled and directed for optimum efficiency.