Network Processor Board – definition: A Network Processor Board is “a motherboard designed specifically for embedded wireless network applications."

8x Video Inputs for SBCs

on Friday, 26 February 2016.

Embedded systems are increasingly using video to monitor and communicate live conditions and allow control of autonomous systems and vehicles. A majority of SBCs offer a single video input but many specialized applications such as security monitoring require more. This can be achieved through the AMP AVC8000nano Mini-PCIe capture card inserted into one of the Mini-PCIe slots on a Gateworks Ventana SBC. Gateworks has added software support for the AVC8000nano so the card is ready to use. Examples are shown for displaying the 8 camera feeds on a HDMI monitor as well as streaming a composite video of the 8 camera feeds over the network. Be sure to read more at the link below!

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